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Geographical Indications application to cost 400% more

The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation has increased the application fee for the determination of Australian Geographical Indications by 400%. The initial application will increase from $5,500 to $27,500, with a provision for charging additional fees. Corporation chair James Dominguez says the board considers the increase fair and reasonable and had the full support of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia. “The move to a full cost-recovery model for determining Australian GIs will ensure the cost is borne by the applicants rather than the broader Australian wine industry, which has been the situation to date,” he said. Other developments include two new changes to the Geographical Indications Committee (GIC). Former Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation chairman Dennis Mutton has replaced Anabel Shears Carter as GIC presiding member, while Pernod Ricard Pacific director and group chief winemaker Philip Laffer is the new WFA nominee. Mutton has been a GIC member as the WFA nominee since September 2002. Laffer is WFA vice president and a director of DrinkWise Australia. Dominguez says he appointed Mutton due to his extensive experience in the field of natural resource management, regional development and industry/government relations. “I valued the constructive dialogue with Dennis during his term as chair of the GWRDC and given his intimate knowledge of the GI process I am confident that his appointment will enable the GIC to continue to effectively deal with the applications currently under consideration,” he said. In welcoming Philip Laffer’s appointment, Dominguez referred Laffer’s “long and distinguished career in the wine industry”. “I am sure the GIC will only benefit from his wealth of experience. “I also wish to thank Anabel for her seven years of distinguished service as presiding member, and for her long involvement and significant contribution to various national wine sector organisations." The GIC is a statutory committee established in 1994 under the AWBC Act to determine Australia’s wine regions and localities. It comprises three members: Presiding member Dennis Mutton, WFA nominee Philip Laffer, and Grape Grower nominee Brian Englefield.

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