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Langmeil Winery pushing books for children

Langmeil Winery is proud to announce its alignment with global charity, Room to Read.

Since its foundation in 2000, Room to Read has built over 1100 schools and created more than 9000 libraries, donated around 7 million children’s books and endowed long-term scholarships for more than 8000 girls.

Langmeil is launching its own Room to Read campaign in conjunction with their annual Orphan Bank picking day (24 March).

Langmeil sales and marketing manager Lydia Paech says the goal is to fund the printing of a local language book.

“Throughout the developing world, most children don’t have access to children’s books in their local language as local families cannot afford to buy them,” she said.

“The cost for us is a mere $1 a book, and the program is committed to providing children with materials that will inspire them to read, expand their minds, and develop a lifelong love for reading and learning.”

Langmeil has chosen to print the book in Sinhala to benefit the children in Sri Lanka, as Langmeil has done business in Sri Lanka for over 10 years.

The cellar door team has organised a 27-litre wine bottle where conveniently a gold coin can fit in the neck.

People visiting cellar door who make gold coin donations will be in the running to win an Imperial (6-litre) of Orphan Bank wine, valued at $600.

“But more importantly,” says Paech, “they will be putting a book in the hands of a child.”

Visit www.langmeilwinery.com.au for more information.

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