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Pellenc Process for vintage 2010

Nepenthe Viticulture has announced it will be adding a Pellenc multifunction harvester equipped with the exclusive Selectiv’ Process system to its fleet for Vintage 2010.

Pellenc’s Selectiv’ Process On-Board system comprises a revolutionary in-line de-stemmer and an on-board sorting table.

The high-frequency de-stemmer is gentle on bunches, as evidenced by the intact bunch stems that emerge from the machine.

The de-stemmer resembles a mini-shaking system, which operates at up to 1100 movements per minute, effectively resonating berries from the stem.

An open-grid belt allows juice and fruit de-stemmed during harvesting to move straight onto the sorting table, meaning only whole bunches go through the de-stemmer, avoiding unnecessary processes on fruit and protecting berry quality.

De-stemmed fruit and loose berries move onto the on-board sorting table, which comprises two sets of rollers.

The first set of rollers orients the petioles and other MOG so that it is at right-angles to the edge of the machine, to ensure petioles can be successfully eliminated.

The second set of rollers allows berries to fall through into the on-board bins and carries the petioles and other MOG off the side of the machine and onto the vineyard floor.

Nepenthe regional manager Mark Vella viewed the Selectiv’ Process in France during its recent vintage and says the company is keen to be among the first in Australia to take advantage of the new technology.

“Having seen the results delivered by Selectiv’ Process first hand, I was convinced this was something we needed in our fleet,” he said.

“The fact the Selectiv’ Process On-Board eliminates green matter from the load and is extremely gentle on fruit means the quality of machine-harvested fruit is greatly improved.

“In particular, red varieties will benefit from the elimination of leafy, green sappy characters that the green material (petioles, rachis and leaves) can add in a harvested sample.

Nepenthe will use the machine to pick fruit previously picked by hand, with winemaker Andre Bondar looking forward to receiving grape samples free from petioles and leaves.

“We believe this technology has the potential to significantly increase the quality of our normally hand-picked super premium whites as it is delivering MOG free fruit at night when the grapes are at their coolest,” he said.

“This will decrease phenolic pick-up and maintain fruit intensity and I am excited about the potential of increasing our quality even further.”

The Seletiv’ Process will also be available to Nepenthe contract customers, making Nepenthe the first contracting company in Australia to take up the Pellenc technology.

For further information or to organise for your vineyard to be picked with Pellenc’s Selectiv’ Process On-Board, contact Nepenthe contract services manager Dan Polson on 0401 709 891 or or Louise Fraser at Pellenc Australia on (08) 8244 7700 or

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