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More terrorist attacks on Languedoc wine facilities

(First appeared in La Journée Vinicole, edition 204, 3 December)

Just a week before the demonstration planned for Montpellier on November 25th, underground militant wine group CRAV followed up its attack on Languedoc shipping firm Bonfils by targeting France’s largest co-operative group, Val d’Orbieu, also based in Languedoc.

Although the bomb did not damage actual winemaking facilities, the front of the Trilles winery near Béziers was seriously damaged.

It was considered a warning to a group owned by 3,000 Languedoc growers, which is accused by CRAV of buying wines at below cost.

At a midnight press conference, the group threatened even more violent action in the coming weeks, claiming government funding failed to filter down to the small winegrowers and that current market prices were forcing them out of business.

Another large co-operative group in Southern France, Uccoar, was also targeted recently but managed to ward off the terrorists.

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