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Modern Award seminars – a "must attend" event for employers

(Appeared in the South Australia Wine Industry Association Newsletter, November 19 edition) With the Wine Industry Award 2010 operative from 1 January 2010, business with employees must answer the following questions: • What does the commencement of modern awards and the national employment standards mean for my business? • How do the 10 national employment standards impact on my business? • What changes and what remains the same – clause by clause – in the Wine Industry Award 2010? • How do modern awards and enterprise agreements interact? • When and how will I “transition” from the current Notional Agreements Preserving State Awards (NAPSAs) to a modern award? • What are “phasing in” arrangements? • What happens to “State” awards? • How will all of these changes impact on my payroll and administrative processes? These and many other important questions will be answered at SAWIA’s regional Modern Award Seminars scheduled for the first half of December 2009. Participants will receive a copy of the Wine Industry Award 2010 and course workbook. The seminar will also review key aspects of other commonly used modern awards by the wine industry. Members should already be well aware that, from 1 January 2010, modern awards will replace NAPSAs and most Pre-Reform Federal Awards. Modern awards, together with 10 minimum terms and conditions of employment (National Employment Standards), will form the new safety net of an employee’s minimum terms and conditions of employment. Every employer must be aware of and understand their obligations, rights and responsibilities to ensure they are compliant when the changes come into effect. Large penalties await employers that fail to comply. To register for the Modern Award Seminars on-line, visit http://mybookingmanager.com/MANES or download a registration form from the Noticeboard of the Home Page at http://www.winesa.asn.au/home/ Contact Egon Schwidder on +61 (0) 8 8222 9273 or email with any queries.

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