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Outlook Conference sets agenda for secure wine industry future

This week’s 2005 Wine Industry Outlook Conference in Adelaide brings together international and Australian wine industry experts to examine these obstacles and identify strategies for a secure wine future. Chief executive of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia Stephen Strachan said the conference would provide delegates with an understanding of critical issues facing the industry and opportunities for success over the next decade. “The Australian wine industry has scaled great heights. Now is the time to be realistic about the challenges we face and to be strategic and innovative about the future,” said Strachan. Information on how Australian wine is performing in the global beverage market, the supply-demand balances underpinning Australia’s fortunes in the next decade, the supply partnership challenges facing growers and winemakers and opportunities for products at premium price points will be among the vital take-home messages delivered by an outstanding group of presenters. •Arend Heijbroek, industry specialist wine & spirits, Rabobank International (Netherlands) will provide a global perspective on the international beverage industry and where Australian wine lies among the competition. In his presentation International Wine Outlook he will reveal what the drivers of change are in the wine industry and how the industry can climb out of falling prices and margins. •Lawrie Stanford, manager information and analysis, Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation, will deliver the facts about the supply-demand balances that will underpin the Australian wine sector’s success over the next five years. In his presentation The Australian Wine and Grape Outlook he will examine whether the industry can sustain high-volume business at lower price points as well as achieving its aspiration to have the world embrace its high-end, higher-price offer. •Jim Caddy, chairman of CCW Cooperative Ltd, will present his views on the supply partnership challenges facing Australian growers and winemakers. In his presentation The Supply Partnership, he will discuss strategies to help winemakers and growers maintain sustainable wine volume and quality as well as providing price and tonnage projections. •Stephen Strachan, chief executive, Winemakers’ Federation, will provide a reality check for the Australian wine industry for the next decade, debating whether the industry is prepared for the social and political challenges that could threaten the sector’s next stage of growth. •Penny Boothman, assistant editor, The Drinks Business (UK), will consider how Australian wine can re-enthuse the UK marketplace and cater for UK consumers at every price point in her presentation Breaking out of the Pigeon Hole. •Brian Croser, consultant winemaker to Petaluma Wines, will discuss the need for Australia’s premium wine producers to aspire higher and use Australia’s natural advantages of ancient soils and varying microclimates to make the most distinguished, complex and sought after wines in the world in his presentation Wines of Distinction. •Nick Blair, general manager – International, Orlando Wyndham Group, will assess where the developing opportunities lie and what products need to be delivered in these areas in his presentation Capturing Future Market Opportunities. •Jamie Odell, managing director, Foster’s Wine Estates, will discuss the importance of developing the premium price point space for Australian wine in international markets in his presentation A Portfolio Approach. The conference will close with a panel session involving Arend Heijbroek, Jim Caddy, Jamie Odell, Stephen Strachan, Brian Croser and Nick Blair. The Wine Industry Outlook Conference is being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Thursday 24 November.

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