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Half-day course in climate change adaption offered through FarmReady

A new half-day course is being offered to Australian grapegrowers in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, with one in Western Australia at Margaret River on November 25.

It is fully sponsored as course Number FRTC 0366 under the FarmReady scheme of the Australia’s Farming Future Initiative (see www.FarmReady.gov.au).

The course will increase the awareness to the effects of climate change on bunchzone temperatures and how this affects grape quality.

The technique of hourly Bunchzone Temperature Monitoring will be hands-on trained with laptops and small affordabe elecronic dataloggers.

Participants will learn how to assess vine balance and bunch exposure in their canopies, how to prepare dataloggers for insertion into vineyard, download and manage temperature data, and read diurnal curves.

Finally they will discuss risks and opportunities, and identify climate, site and regionally adapted canopy management options. The events will be managed by regional viticultural associations which will organise participant numbers and venues.

The cost of the course is A$180, which can be fully claimed from FarmReady by eligible participants.

The following courses have been scheduled so far:

22/09/2009 1–5 pm – VIC, Beechworth, contact Andrea Belci, 0357 282 448

23/09/2009 1–5 pm – VIC, Oxley, contact Wendy Batey, 03 57273883

20/09/2009 1–5 pm – VIC, Mt. Macedon, contact Hew Richards, 03 5429 5565

27/10/2009 1–5 pm – SA, Langhorne Creek, contact Lian Jaensch, 08 8537 3362

28/10/2009 9am -1pm – SA, McLaren Vale, contact Jodie Pain 08 8323 8999

30/10/2009 9am -1pm – VIC, Red Hill, contact Cheryl Lee, 03 5989 2377

10/11/2009 11am – QLD, Stanthorpe, Burnett, contact Tony Hassall 07 4681 6100

25–27/11/2009 11am – WA, M. River, Manjimup, Albany, Glynn Ward 08 9368 3568

04.12.2009. 1–5 pm – NSW, Tumbarumba, contact Juliet Cullen 02 6948 5012

Viticultural associations with at least 12 interested participants can contact GrapeLinks ().

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