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Winemaking research and development out of vintage

Specialist consultancy Provisor is offering out-of-vintage winemaking in addition to their vintage winemaking services.

Research and development activities that have previously been restricted to the vintage period can now be conducted throughout the year.

Winemaker Gemma West says Provisor’s Adelaide facility will offer clients the opportunity to test winemaking variables, processing additives and technologies outside of vintage, utilising white juice and red must frozen from the 2009 vintage.

“This is an excellent chance for researchers or companies to perform trials and small-scale winemaking at a convenient time for them, outside of the busy vintage period,” she said.

“Another advantage is that research and development ideas can be tested and implemented this year in time for next vintage, effectively reducing the application time of research and development for the wine industry.”

The new out-of-vintage fermentations are available in a 20-litre white or 50-kilogram red size, and can be performed singularly, in duplicate or triplicate.

Provisor’s clients have previously used the company's services for trials involving winemaking variables such as yeast, enzymes, tannin, oak additives and bacteria, processing aids and development and independent testing of winemaking equipment.

Provisor’s Adelaide facility is based at the Hickinbotham-Roseworthy Wine Science Laboratory at the Waite campus.

For further information visit www.provisor.com.au or contact Darren Oemcke on 0417 803 963, or email

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