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Balanced cropping through mechanical canopy management

Oxbo International Corporation Inc. offers the full line of Korvan vineyard equipment to grapegrowers around the world. For years, Australian growers have trusted Korvan grape harvesters to deliver the cleanest, high quality fruit. During the past eight years, Oxbo’s design engineers and staff viticulturist have dedicated thousands of hours to expand the portfolio by working in vineyards with grapegrowers, research scientists and winemakers to bring innovative technologies to the vineyard.

Co-operative efforts between Oxbo and researchers at such prominent institutions as University of Arkansas, Cornell, CSU-Fresno, and University of Missouri continually improve upon the product line and its successful implementation.

Oxbo now offers a proven line of vineyard management tools, including Korvan grape harvesters, multi-function power units, multi-row vineyard sprayers, single and double-row tool carriers, pruners, shoot thinners, cordon brushes, vine trimmers, and fruit-thinning tools.

The investigative projects found that there is more to vineyard mechanisation than reducing costs and labour requirements. For many growers, there is an even greater value in ‘balanced cropping’, the idea of pruning for the best possible crop year and then making periodic, incremental adjustments to ensure proper crop load while helping to reduce production risks for the conditions presented in any given year. Years of experience and research have proven that Oxbo’s customers effectively and consistently meet their desired yield targets and optimise their fruit quality.

Korvan canopy management tools include cordon brushes, which consist of rows of urethane rope pieces that rotate to gently brush away debris for dormant cordon cleaning.

These same cordon brushes work very well for spring cleaning of unwanted shoots from trunks and cordons. Also important to the Korvan system are a line of shoot-thinning attachments which reduce high potential crop loads to more manageable levels.

Only the Korvan line of interchangeable mechanisation products offers the model 1220 double-row tractor mount, enabling one operator to cover up to two full rows (depending on the tool) in a single pass. Korvan tool carriers offer superior control with industry-leading Sauer Plus+1 electric over hydraulic components that provide excellent durability, precision and improved user comfort levels.

For more information on the Korvan vineyard mechanisation system, balanced cropping or mechanical canopy management techniques, visit www.oxbocorp.com/vineyard.php or email

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