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Distribution opportunity for recycling sprayer

Agricultural distributors are being offered the opportunity to sell what importer Semco says is one of the most innovative agricultural sprayers to be released in Australia. In addition to the Italian-made Bertoni recycling sprayer, Semco imports, distributes, finances, insures, rents and services major equipment brands including Astec trenchers, Takeuchi excavators and crawler-loaders, Terex backhoes and Fiori mobile mixers and dumpers.

Semco’s Satch Santilli said, “While we handle sales of some agricultural equipment, the Bertoni column sprayer is better suited for distribution by any organisation that is directly involved in supplying the vineyard industry.

“This patented equipment has been subjected to rigorous testing in several Australian vineyards. It has been shown to significantly reduce spray volume while minimising environmental risks. Attached to any tractor, the Bertoni is capable of spraying two rows at a time.

“Two spray nozzle sizes enable a more controlled application rate and unused spray heads can be turned off, which means further savings for the operator. The machine features fast turn-around at the end of rows and ensures maximum recovery of chemicals,” Santilli said. The efficient design of its spray collection system enables spraying work to continue in windy conditions that often interrupt critically timed spray programs when using other equipment.

“Field trials in local major vineyards have shown that, depending on foliage, up to 90% of the chemicals sprayed are recycled and re-used. The cost of chemicals is dramatically reduced, making the machine a cost-effective spraying option. Its small application droplets mean there is reduced fall-off from vine leaves. Energy consumption is also reduced because of lower use of diesel fuel,” Santilli said.

Stock of the Bertoni sprayers is now available in Australia. Further information is available at www.semcogroup.com.au/bertoni.php

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