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First Eco-certified cooperage in the world

. At a time of growing concern for the care of the global environment, this certification confirms a commitment to sustainable forestry, Seguin Moreau gained its accreditation earlier this year. All French Oak used by Seguin Moreau is sourced from national forests managed by the National Forestry Office (ONF) which is itself PEFC certified. Accreditaion to PEFC means Seguin Moreau operates under the principles of a chain of control starting within the forest, includes the Velines Stave mill which is wholly owned by Seguin Moreau, and continues at the cooperage itself. Forestry certification is a means of ensuring that forests are managed in a sustainable way according to agreed performance standards, then with a certified chain of control, oak can be tracked through the entire production process, from forest to the end user. Together, these certificates (Forest, and Chain of control) provides customers with proof of the origin of their wood, a fundamental element of barrel production. The approach has aroused great interest amongst Seguin Moreau’s clients, who themselves are sensitive to environmental needs, favoring a reasonable, enlightened approach to forestry management. The cooperage continues to provide its customers with consistent quality oak with certainty of its origin, while ensuring that nature’s needs are also taken care of. The PEFC certification scheme matches the standards of the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO). Its approach, with its consistent rules and guideline for technical specifications is known worldwide. Audits are conducted by an independent third party. The certification audit for Seguin Moreau was carried out by CTBA of Bordeaux (Technical Centre for Wood). The centre gave Seguin Moreau the following chain of control number: CTBA/05–00577. Within Seguin Moreau, both the supply chain and barrel production divisions have written procedures relating to PEFC control and monitoring. Data collected concerning stave-wood supply, is directly linked to sales data for eco-labelled barrels, tanks and vats. The PEFC certification model is now recognised as the most credible certification system in the world.

* To find out more: www.pefc.org www.pefc-france.fr

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