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Water trade price report

Growers across the southern Murray-Darling Basin* have begun the 2009–10 irrigation season with low allocations and a heavy reliance on water carried-forward from the previous season.

With minimal water available to growers during July, a total of 4gL of water was transferred between licences at an average price of $400/ML.

In July 2008 a similar volume was moved on the market for an additional $165/ML.

Waterfind operations manager Dr Mark Siebentritt said that “due to the low liquidity levels during July the average price per megalitre is likely to change in the following months as more water becomes available.”

The embargo on water trades out of the Murrumbidgee, which is restricting the volume of water available for purchase by Murray growers, may also impact the price over the coming months.

At the end of July, Dartmouth Dam was 21% full and Hume Dam had increased to 17% of capacity. Blowering and Burrinjuck Dams were both 39% full, while the Menindee Lakes was at 14% of full storage capacity.

*Southern Murray-Darling includes NSW Murray, Murrumbidgee and Lower Darling, northern Victorian Murray connected systems and SA Murray.

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