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Environment conference extends early bird offer

The early-bird registration offer for the 5th Australian Wine Industry Environment Conference & Technical Tour has been extended until 7 August.

Grant funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry under its Promoting Australian Produce (Major Events) program has made it possible for the association to offer registration at these exceptionally low prices. This is simply outstanding value for a major event that should not be missed!

The international global picture, regional approaches to sustainability, resource security and opportunities for moving the industry forward will be the focus of the conference, with presenters addressing key issues facing the industry including:

• What are the key sustainability challenges and how should we respond to marketplace and legislative changes?

• How are regional approaches to adaptation being used to address the key challenges, and what practical tools are available to the industry?

• What are the key risks around resource security (e.g., water) and what does the future hold?

• What opportunities are available for adapting to and taking advantage of climate change?

Delegates will also have the opportunity to learn how another industry has progressively tackled sustainability issues, including the likely Emissions Trading Scheme, use of alternative fuels and innovative ways of using wastewater.

The Conference is being held on 23 September at the National Wine Centre, with the Technical Tour through the Barossa the following day – numbers are strictly limited for this so book early.

To register online or to obtain more information visit http://mybookingmanager.com/awiec230909 or contact Marcia Burnett on +618 8222 9271 or at .

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