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The perfect glass of wine

As wine writer Ben Canaider admits, wine is an inexact science. But that doesn't stop him carrying out his own search to find his, and the perfect glass of wine. This book is the result: a rollicking account of Canaider's world trip of sober trials and drunken tribulations as he attempts to find wine perfection. From drinking his first bottle of Grange aged 21 to a mixed case of the world's greatest champagnes in 33 hours; from romantic wine nirvanas like Chianti and Chablis to the new world order represented by California, New Zealand and Australia's industrial wine heartland, Ben experiences moments of vinous bliss, but also sees icons fall and legends disappoint. Join Ben as he has a wine and food tasting epiphany in Tasmania, attends an amusing and somewhat silly wine tasting competition in Italy, outs wine critics power at home and abroad, enjoys wine writers’ junkets in NZ, shuffles around Epernay and Dom Perignon, judges a young Sommelier award, blasts the marketing wine machine, stares in amazement at a wine tower with harnessed flying waiters in Las Vegas and compares Dolly Parton and Chardonnay. This is a book about how the world of wine really works, and why wine is an obsession for many people. As Ben says, in every glass of wine there is promise and hope and inexplicable happiness. All this and it contains alcohol as well. Canaider is a mono-award-winning Australian wine and drinks writer. He started running wine appreciation classes at university, where he studied Roman and French history. Badly. A decade later he became a professional wine bore via a circuitous route, which included roof tiling, cooking, teaching people to speak English and unemployability. He first made wine in 1990 – a 15.5% alc/vol Grenache – using old beer brewing equipment. Despite his job, he enjoys drinking wine, any wine, particularly at lunchtime. Other books include the annual wine guide Drink Drank Drunk; a beer guide, Slabs, Stubbies and Six-Packs; and a wine and food book called Cooking under the Influence. Canaider has been a reviewer for the Age Good Food Guide, a Channel 7 food and wine presenter on Saturday Kitchen, and enjoys talking about drinking on the radio. Apart from typing and drinking Ben likes meteorology, artichokes, and bikes, in no particular order. He has a ute named Reims and an office cat named Pokey. He is available for speaking engagements and public library openings. He writes – on average – four to five wine and drinks columns a week, reaching a readership of 2.9 million people, totalling about 300,000 words a year, excluding books. Ergonomic keyboards don’t work. People should know that.

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