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WFA rejects claims in “incorrect” article

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) has rejected claims in a Decanter.com story that Australian wine industry bodies will call on the Federal Government for funding to help people leave the industry.

The June 9 report claimed Wine Australia and other groups, including WFA, were preparing a “joint appeal” to the Government for financial support “as early as July or August”.

“It’s frustrating because it’s quite simply wrong,” said WFA’s chief executive Stephen Strachan. “Comments made by Wine Australia’s Paul Henry in a wide-ranging interview were misconstrued.”

Strachan said it was naïve to think there was “such a simple solution”.

“There is no single proposal and no set dates,” he said. “What we are doing is continuing to talk with the Government on a regular basis about the challenges we face and how it can work with us in areas such as market development, tariffs and trade policy.”

Strachan said he understood Wine Australia had contacted Decanter.com in an attempt to correct the error, which had generated unnecessary concern in the industry.

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