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Queensland wine foregone at Noosa festival

Writer for e-vine Martin Field questioned in its June 2009 edition, released this week, as to where the Queensland wine was at last month’s Noosa Food and Wine Festival.

He said, “Noosa’s annual food and wine bash took place last month. It numbers among Australia’s premier culinary festivals and if crowd numbers are any guide, was a great success.

“Numerous visitors enjoyed a feast of wine and food presentations by luminaries from the world of hospitality. Amongst others, sharing their knowledge and wandering through the stalls and chatting to the punters were John Lethlean, Ralph Kyte Powell, Huon Hooke, Peter Forrestal and Matt Preston.

“Curiously, Queensland’s healthy wine industry had only microscopic representation. I stopped for a sip and was astonished to see five wine producers cooped up, shoulder-to-shoulder at one tiny stall. Imagine if there were a major wine and food festival in, say, Victoria, and only five Victorian winemakers showed up – ‘twould be a State scandal.

“One wonders what Queensland’s ‘Ministry of Wine’ does with its budget for wine events and wine tourism…”

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