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Water trade price report

A monthly report by national water broker Waterfind found that the average price of southern Murray-Darling Basin* temporary water during May was $335 per megalitre.

A total of 251 gigalitres of temporary water was traded within the Basin during the month, with some of this volume occurring as a result of water being moved between licences as growers made final account adjustments for the season.

Waterfind Operations Manager Dr. Mark Siebentritt says that “temporary water prices have remained within the $280 to $350 per megalitre price range for much of the season, quite a contrast to the volatility seen last season.”

According to Waterfind, a megalitre of water cost close to $95 more at this same time last season.

“Water prices have on a number of occasions reacted to allocation announcements throughout the season, with one of the most rapid price shifts occurring in January this year.”

Interstate trading between New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia has closed for the 2008–09 irrigation season. Internal trading remains open in Victoria and South Australia until 16 and 30 June, respectively.

Waterfind says that water is currently being purchased for between $330 and $350 per megalitre.

Download the Waterfind May Water Market Report –http://www.waterfind.com.au/docs/smdb_report_2009_05.pdf

*Southern Murray-Darling includes NSW Murray, Murrumbidgee and Lower Darling, northern Victorian Murray connected systems and SA Murray.

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