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IIndigenous communities invited to apply for wine funding

Chairman of the Foundation, Tim Fischer, said the foundation sought to help communities tackle social problems by providing small grants targeted at practical solutions, preferably to support infrastructure or initiatives of lasting benefit.

“The National Wine Foundation strives to support innovative and practical programs that address the underlying social causes of drug or alcohol misuse,” Fischer said.

“We aim to support communities that are seeking to help themselves and programs that provide good examples of best practice. Although we’re only able to provide relatively small grants, we aim to support projects where they will make a lasting difference.”

“For example, over the last two years the foundation has been pleased to assist the indigenous community of Docker River in the Northern Territory build the infrastructure required to develop a business capturing and selling camels. This is likely to provide long term employment opportunities for young people in the Docker community.”

Grant applications can be for projects spanning up to two years in the first instance, with funding not exceeding $50,000 over the two year period. Ideally, funding in each year should be provided in not less than two instalments, linked to the achievement of specific project goals.

Small projects seeking grants of less than $5,000 are especially encouraged to apply.

The foundation was established by the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) in 2001, with funds raised through the sale of the commemorative magnums of Centenary of Federation Wine.

WFA Chief Executive, Stephen Strachan, said the foundation was an important component of the wine industry’s commitment to promoting responsibility and sustainability in regards to the consumption of alcohol.

“Australia’s wine industry is proud of its many positive achievements, but recognises that in some environments the excessive consumption of alcohol results in unacceptable harms. The foundation supports initiatives that reduce the causes of abuse and, hopefully, provide examples for other communities.”

Applications for grants will be accepted until noon on 12 December 2005. Further information is available at www.wfa.org.au/d6.htm

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