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Wine Australia appoints R/GA Sydney as creative agency

Wine Australia has appointed creative agency R/GA Sydney to help raise the profile and demand for premium Australian wine in China and the USA, as part of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.  

The new global marketing strategy will be brought to life in May, when Australia headlines Vinexpo Hong Kong as ‘Country of Honour’, with the largest-ever showcase of 140 wine brands representing over 35 regions.

The appointment will see R/GA Sydney design and deliver an integrated marketing program driving growth in product sales and wine-related tourism from global markets.

During the competitive pitch process, R/GA demonstrated a strong understanding of Australia’s unique wine and wine-tourism offering and the nuances of the China and USA markets, drawing on the strong collaborative partnerships with their US and Shanghai offices.

Of the appointment, Andreas Clark, CEO of Wine Australia said the organisation is thrilled to be working with R/GA Sydney as a creative partner.

“They have the capability to bring brand, storytelling, data and technology together to create a powerful positioning for Australian wine and wine-related tourism.

“It is an exciting time for Australian wine and we look forward to working with R/GA to share the passion and creativity of Australian winemaking with the rest of the world.”

R/GA Sydney Managing Director, Rebecca Bezzina said much of the work will revolve around a perception-shifting and education platform that positions Australian wines for the Chinese and American markets.

“This is the kind of opportunity that most excites us, because it calls for a whole idea – equal parts systematic thinking and storytelling working in tandem,” she said.

“Wine Australia has a clear vision for lifting the perception and desirability of Australian wine and we are immensely proud to be the ones helping them get there.”

A key focus of the $50m Package is growing Australian wine exports and showcasing Australia’s exceptional wine tourism experiences.

For more information about the $50m Package visit www.wineaustralia.com%2Fwhats-happening%2Fexport-and-regional-wine-support-package&I=20180403215711.000000150a62%40mail6–46-ussnn1&X=MHwxMDQ2NzU4OjVhYzNmNTMyNmJjMjMyODQ5MTFiYWRlMjs%3D&S=yS0rEX_u-ZrLfuIHSSMxILztqCmYS4q1QCvrnLXOVTo" target="_blank">erwsp.wineaustralia.com

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