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SA wine media cadetship

The 2018 wine media cadetship, aimed at aspiring journalists with an aspiration for specialising in the wine sector, has opened for application this week.

Now in its second year under the new format, the cadetship presents a platform for young wine media to take the next step in their budding communication careers.

The cadetship is run by Wine Communicators of Australia – a national organisation for wine industry professionals – and is sponsored under the Adelaide – A Great Wine Capital initiative.

The six-month program involves opportunities to participate in a range of practical experiences including media development workshops, attendance at international and domestic wine events, media placements and mentorship within the wine industry and an opportunity to meet key wine influencers as part of the activities in the Great Wine Capitals program.

WCA chair, Angus Barnes said the 2017 inaugural program exceeded all of our expectations and was a resounding success.

“The SA wine industry and beyond fully embraced the cadet who was provided with a string of exceptional wine experiences, both formal and informal.

“We are incredibly excited to be providing this very valuable opportunity to another wine communicator.”

The South Australian Wine Industry Association, chief executive, Brian Smedley, said the wine media cadetship is a unique offering for a journalist to engage with local, national and international events and people about wine.

“This is a fantastic learning opportunity and will enable the successful person to have a range of special experiences that will add significantly to their personal development while increasing their understanding about wine.”

In 2018, the South Australian cadetship will be awarded to a single recipient and will provide them with the opportunity to work with leading wine and media professionals.

The program will take place between July and December 2018.

Applications are open to professionals with an interest in wine media aged between 25–40 years of age that reside in South Australia and have a current passport.

To apply: https://winecommunicators.com.au/wine-media-cadetship/

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