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Environmental management a good business decision

Now in its third year the survey covers crucial environmental issues including chemical use, water use, waste management and energy conservation. And while WFA uses the survey results to develop policy and programs, Doug says wineries and grapegrowers should see the survey as an opportunity to critically assess their own business. In some cases operators will find that they currently lack the data to perform such an assessment. As a result many will then consider the best ways of capturing the relevant information.

“Companies that monitor their inputs and outputs are well placed to improve their eco-efficiency. Taking part in the survey is a good starting point for people to think about how they can improve their own business processes,” Doug said.

“Implementing energy efficiency practices, for example, reducing electricity and fuel use, is great for the environment, but can also lead to significant cost savings.”

Preliminary results from the 2004 Australian Wine Industry State of Environment Survey are available, with a full report set to be released soon.

“Our results show that more than two thirds of all cellar door, restaurant and packaging waste is being recycled. Also pleased to see more than half of all wineries reported that they periodically analyse the chemical nature of their waste waster.”

This year’s survey has been reduced in length to encourage growers and wineries of all sizes to participate.

“We really want the survey to represent the diversity of the industry and would encourage everyone to be involved.

The survey has been sent directly to more than 1,500 wineries and growers, as well as to regional associations.

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