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Younger leaves big shoes to fill

After a decade at the helm, Prue Younger has stepped down from the marketing and promotion of the Gisborne Winegrowers Society to concentrate on her own public relations business.

Younger cites the project to map Gisborne’s by soil and climate profiles in conjunction with Pernod Ricard as one of her greatest achievements with the Society, along with the On The Vine magazine, a popular website, wine tourism signs, a wine trail to follow, and recognition from the wider community of the importance wine plays in the region's tapestry, on-going seminars and training opportunities for local growers, and a steady stream of visiting wine writers. “I feel confident that we have set up a framework for the Society to successfully move on,” she said.

Society president John Clarke said that over the years Younger has lifted the profile of the local group hugely.

“Prue has certainly made it a much more professional organisation through events, marketing and seminars for growers,” he said. “She's always on the lookout for new opportunities for the group and we have been the winner at the end of that.”

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