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Turning research into technical tools, like water into wine

University of Melbourne PhD candidate Nicholas Car will be visiting the National Wine & Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC) on 27 May to present a seminar titled 'Turning social research into technical tools — as hard as water into wine?, from 2pm-3pm.

The initial focus of Car’s PhD was the technical structure of irrigation decision support systems. This shifted slightly when it became apparent that social factors affecting irrigation were as influential as biophysical factors.

In this presentation, Car will start by talking about why he faced a need for social research while investigating technical decision support systems and what social research he undertook within the context of vine irrigation. He will then describe how his social research has shed some light upon past and current technical irrigation decision support system use, especially the satellite irrigation scheduling system he has been working on for the past two seasons. Finally, he will give a sneak peak at his latest experiments which attempt to use the data from his social research to generate irrigation decision support in new ways.

Car’s undergraduate training was in Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney and his PhD is through the University of Melbourne, based at CSIRO Land & Water in Griffith, funded by a scholarship from the CRC for Irrigation Futures. He is in third year and due to complete his PhD in October.

If you would like to attend this seminar via video conference please contact Tamara Howlett by email, by Monday 25 May to organise.

Information about the seminar will be put on the NWGIC website. Notes from the seminar are also available from Tamara Howlett.

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