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Wine On-Trade shows promise in the UK

Last year, the UK saw one of its best years yet for On-Trade.

Visa reports that sales by bars and restaurants were up more than 5% in the year to June 2017.

Wine Business Solutions is just about to release Wine On-Premise UK 2018 and this research shows a significant recovery in prices as well.

According to Principal, Peter McAtamney – “The overall average price hasn’t moved much due to large numbers of lesser Champagne brands being delisted in favour of the major brands. Most table wine categories have, however, shifted up in average listed price considerably.

The average listed price of a bottle of White wine is now £30.60, up by a solid £4 on a year ago. A 175ml glass of white wine costs, on average, £6.30 up by more than a pound on last year. White Burgundy has been one of the biggest drivers of price growth.

The average bottle of red wine on a UK wine list now costs £38.10, up a whopping £8 on 2017 due to more ultra-premium listings. The average glass of Red costs £6.48, also up a pound on last year.

The growth in premium listings is regionalised with the London market and the South faring much better than the North, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Wine On-Premise UK 2018 can be purchased by following this link, otherwise email ">p

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