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Yeast Nutrition – FermControl & FermControl BIO

FermControl is a truly special, one of a kind yeast supplement for the support of the yeast metabolism. Due to its unique and unrivalled composition FermControl provides specific co-factors in order to secure an optimal, reliable and clean fermentation. The effect is a significantly improved sensory impression of the wine without any reductive or other undesired flavour characteristics.

Both FermControl and FermControl BIO are suitable as additives for all export markets and are DAP free.

FermControl BIO is certified organic to EC and USDA regulations and suitable for all organic wines.

 • ENHANCES  varietal aromas and flavours.

 • INHIBITS  formation of sulphides & other off flavours.

 • REPLACES  all nutrient and DAP adds.

 • IMPROVES  significantly your wine quality.

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