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Grape Variety Identification Service

Recent results of DNA testing of the Spanish grape Albarino have proved that most of Australia's plantings of the variety are, in fact, another variety known as Savagnin Blanc, also called Traminer.

Owners of these suspect vines can be comforted over the fact that a rigorous and reliable method is available for confirming the identity of grapevine material and providing the true identity of Australian cultivars suspected to be Albarino.

Provisor and the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) (Adelaide node) offer a Grape Variety Identification Service which will confirm the identity of a particular grapevine sample. Available since 2004, this service genetically types the sample of vine at 10 micro satellite markers and the resulting DNA profile is compared with a database of known varieties. This number of markers is sufficient to uniquely identify any cultivar with an extremely high degree of confidence.

The DNA database (containing approximately 210 varieties, including rootstocks) has been sourced from samples contained within the CSIRO collection. With concerns over the identity of Albarino, CSIRO and the AGRF have moved quickly to obtain definitive answers for the identity crisis surrounding Albarino.

If you are interested in finding out more on this grape-typing service or would like to submit samples for analysis, please contact Provisor on +618 8338 3668 or email .

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