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BoozeMonkey.com online wine community proving wine consumers are thirsty for more

While the wine world is a-twitter with blogs and online commentary, one wine site is fast achieving cult status as the central point for winemakers and wine lovers alike: BoozeMonkey.com is an online wine community that is attracting followers from both wineries and wine consumers at a rapid rate.

BoozeMonkey Developer Marc Jardine says the idea for BoozeMonkey “sprang from the frustration of struggling to find good, relevant, entertaining information about Australian wine on the web. There is information out there of course, but you need to know exactly what you are looking for and exactly where to find it."

BoozeMonkey is a community of wine lovers, a central source of information about all things wine (“Google for wine”), and a meeting place for wine lovers to discuss their passion (“FaceBook for wine”), to make friends, to chat with Australian and New Zealand wineries, to learn more about the wine in their glass, and to discover new wines.

Interaction between companies and wine consumer is proving one of the significant attractions. The website has all the social networking features which FaceBook and MySpace users will recognise (profile pages, chat, blogs, messaging, groups, forums, etc), together with tasting notes, wine reviews, regular updates from the wineries and competitions. Launched only recently, the BoozeMonkey wine reviews feature has proven particularly popular, with wine lovers avidly adding reviews and commentary about their favourite wines.

So why is BoozeMonkey so popular? “Many wine consumers simply aren’t content to read the same dull reviews from the critics all the time – they want to know what real people think, what people like themselves are drinking. Some reviews have already received over 150 hits in the space of just a few days, and it’s increasing daily," says Jardine.

“We’re getting reviews and commentary from members from all over the world, showing lots of interest in Australian wine. And people’s desire to learn more and to interact, both with each other and with the wineries, is very strong. Oh, and it’s all FREE of course – that’s always a crowd-pleaser…”

With internet traffic to the website already nudging better known and well established global sites, BoozeMonkey developers see the social aspects of the site, and the fact that wine companies can interact with consumers, as the keys to its success.

“We’re confidently predicting breaking into the top 100,000 websites worldwide by the end of this year," says Jardine with a smile.

With plans for further social media integration, a vendor’s system for online sales, and development into overseas markets, BoozeMonkey is quietly but confidently making its mark.

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