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New for vintage 2018 – VitiFerm BIO – certified organic yeast strains

VitiFerm BIO Sauvage offers an attractive “wild yeast” solution that creates a very expressive flavour spectrum that even engineered hybrid yeasts can’t offer. Recommended for both white and red wines, it offers winemakers the fermentation security of saccharomyces with a “clean spontaneous funk”.

VitiFerm BIO Esprit is a specialized yeast for the primary and secondary fermentation in sparkling wine and for fresh crisp white wines. With a naturally high production of SO2 it is recommend for all wines not intended for MLF, perfect for prosecco and fresh fruity white wines.
Our yeasts have been selected from organic/biodynamic vineyards. They are produced 100% organic from the selection program through to the production plant and are free of chemicals and emulsifiers and fulfil all the requirements for both conventional and organic winemaking.
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