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Biodynamics offers great results for Viticulture!

The use of biodynamic farming techniques in improving and enhancing soil fertility and overall farm and animal health will be the focus of a two day Farmbi$ subsidised workshop, to eligible participants, being presented at Sutton Grange Winery, Sutton Grange on 5–6 December. All Producers, farmers and land managers are encouraged to register for this innovative and practical workshop being presented by biodynamic educators, Hamish Mackay and Ian Cuming. It will be vineyard-based at Gilles Lapalus’ Sutton Grange Vineyard, who are working with biodynamic principles. Gilles said “we have been using biodynamic agriculture principles since 2002. Since using the biodynamic preparations and methods we have experienced improved quality production, environment and work environment. We believe biodynamics will provide enhanced wine and an understanding of place. There has been a change in weeds, soil workability and in must pH.” Biodynamic education officer, Cheryl Kemp said “farmers find that root depth increases, soils have a greater water holding capacity and the health, vigour, taste and quality of their produce improves significantly when they regularly apply the biodynamic preparations to their properties.” The program includes developing a biodynamic spray program and the demonstration of making liquid fertilisers and weed teas. Soil fertility, the soil food web, managing weeds and insects, working with planetary cycles and animal health issues will also be discussed. Participants will see hands on, what the biodynamic preparations are and how to use them on farm. The workshop will run over two days from 9am to 5pm. For participants eligible for Farmbis funding the cost of the workshop will be $275pp (normally $550pp). The cost includes the two days' tuition, inclusive of GST, lunches, course notes and refreshments. Workshop registration and payment in advance is necessary to secure the FarmBis subsidised price. For further information and bookings please contact the Biodynamic Agriculture Australia on 02 6655 0566 or . Local enquiries can also be made to Gilles Lapalus on 0438 360 330.

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