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Water broker meets international quality control standards

Waterfind has become the nation’s first water broker to receive quality certification under the International Quality Standard ISO 9001.

Waterfind chief executive Tom Rooney said that the quality endorsed trading system will provide their clients with a reliable and secure environment in which to conduct their water transfers.

To achieve the International Standard, Waterfind underwent 18 months of process development which involved an independent audit of all of Waterfind’s policies and procedures.

The ISO 9001 certification provides quality control for Waterfind’s entire business operation, from the way it maintains the online and phone trading platforms through to the processes involved in managing the transfer of both temporary allocation and permanent water entitlements.

Rooney said that “due to the lack of regulation of the water brokerage industry, Waterfind places great importance on this certification as it provides a nationally recognised standard of business operation.”

While participants in the water brokerage industry have previously implemented codes of conduct or practice, Rooney believes that this has not gone far enough to protect customers utilising these services.

Waterfind has been a long term advocate of regulation of the industry through a government licencing regime.

Rooney hopes that the example that Waterfind is setting will lead other brokerage operations to strive to achieve similar certification standards, which in the long run will be beneficial to growers and governments who are active in the water market.

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