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WFA to host free seminars on WET changes

As of 1 January 2018, the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) legislation changes that were agreed by the Australian Parliament on 17 August 2017, known as theTreasury Laws Amendment (2017 Measure No.4) Act 2017, will come into force. 

If you currently access the rebate, or sell grapes to a wine producer who receives the rebate, you will need to understand the implications of the changes.  Together with the State Wine Associations, we are working with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to develop guidance on the key changes before the next vintage.

To assist Australian winemakers with the transition to the new legislation, WFA and State Wine Association’s will be hosting a series of seminars with the ATO and Wine Australia as guest speakers, free of charge.  

At this stage, venue details are still being organised, but we ask you to save the date for a seminar closest to you:

Western Australia
Wednesday November 8th – Margaret River:  9am – 12pm                               
Thursday November 9th — Perth:  9am – 12pm                                        

Eastern States
Monday November 13th – Brisbane:  9am – 12pm                                
Tuesday November 14th – Hobart:  9am – 12pm                                    
Wednesday November 15th –Launceston:  9am – 12pm                     
Thursday November 16th – Melbourne:  9am – 12pm                         
Friday November 17th – Sydney:  10am – 1pm                                     

Monday November 20th – Renmark:  2pm – 5pm                                 
Tuesday November 21st – Mildura:  2pm – 5pm                                    
Wednesday November 22nd – Griffith:  3pm – 6pm                             
Thursday November 23rd — Wangaratta:  1pm — 4pm                

South Australia
Monday November 27th – Barossa Valley:  11am – 2pm                    
Tuesday November 28th – McLaren Vale:  11am – 2pm                      
Wednesday November 29th – Coonawarra:  2pm – 5pm                    

The ATO presentation will address key issues arising from the legislation changes relating to WET rebate eligibility including:

* Demonstrating ownership of grapes prior to crushing (including implications for contractual arrangements)
* Required record-keeping
* Implications for distributor models
* Trademark requirements
* Transitional provisions for bottled product and product still in barrels.

Wine Australia will also provide an information briefing on the grant components of the $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package (the Package) and the $10 million Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Grant.  

The three grants under the Package available to individuals and regional groups are:

* Program 2: Wine Export Grants are offered to small and medium wine exporters for specific export promotion activities aimed at increasing wine exports to China and the US. Applicants will be eligible for grants of up to $50,000 under this program.

* Program 3a: Capturing Growth in International Wine Tourism State Grants provide state wine industry associations access to funding to support a collaborative, strategic approach towards attracting and maximizing international wine tourism.

* Program 3b: Capturing Growth in International Wine Tourism Competitive Grants provide a range of stakeholders across Australia with the opportunity to apply for funding, on a competitive basis, towards initiatives that will grow international tourism in wine areas.

More information on the Package can be found here.

All of these issues have very important implications and attendance is a must for all businesses. 

The WET Reform seminars are free of charge.

We are working collaboratively with all State Wine Associations and Australian Vignerons to deliver these seminars.  Venue details will be announced very soon and we will notify you of this information ASAP.   Please contact Ali Laslett at ">A or call us on (08) 8133 4300 should you require more information regarding the seminars.




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