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Clare Valley associations merge as one

Andrew Pike and Troy van Dulken 'shaking on it'

The Clare Valley is set to make a change as grape growers and winemakers unite to form one strong representative body to lead them forward.

A vote to formally amalgamate was passed yesterday, following two years of discussion and consultation between Clare Valley Winemakers Incorporated and Clare Region Winegrape Growers Association. The poll to amalgamate was passed with more than an 80% majority at both meetings.  Strong attendance reflected the engagement and commitment of the local wine industry to work together.

Chair of the Clare Valley Winemakers Incorporated Andrew Pike says amalgamation will be a positive step forward for the Clare Valley wine region.

“It makes sense to have one cohesive body in the Clare Valley, such that we are all working together on a common strategic plan for the wine industry of the region,” he said. 

“This new beginning can create the opportunity to not only share the load across the whole regional wine economy, but also to lift the bar by leveraging all our collective resources and harnessing the best people and ideas to chart a new course to forge a new identity for the region,”

“The ‘new and improved’ Clare Valley Wine brand must resonate with consumers and customers wherever they reside and ultimately it must deliver a tangible improvement in value to all members of our grape and wine community.”

“With the current optimism in regional wine and tourism sectors, and the imminent funding from Federal Government’s restructured WET legislation, the time is right time for the Clare Valley wine industry to unite.”

President of the Clare Region Winegrape Growers Association Troy van Dulken says he sees the merger as an opportunity for grape growers to work more closely with winemakers in the region and to share in the benefits of the marketing and promotion of ‘brand Clare’.

“Importantly, this new era for the region needs to result in greater value from viticulture itself and from the product which it produces,” he said.

“One of the key objectives of the new body will be to develop a new creditable regional wine story with a sharp focus on the unique and diverse attributes of the region.”

The region is also excited to announce Stuart McNab, former Treasury Wine Estates Chief Supply Officer – Global Wine Production, will be taking up the Chairmanship of the new combined organisation once the formalities of incorporation are completed.





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