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Coravin screwcap launches in Aus


The Coravin wine system (above)

Coravin wine system allows wine lovers to pour and enjoy a drop from their favourite wines without committing to the whole bottle. It has finally arrived in Australia, changing the way wine is enjoyed, served – and sold. Coravin Screw Cap has been designed especially with the Australian market in mind, and it protects the wine from oxidation using proprietary patented technology.

Practical uses include sampling, wine appreciation occasions, in a restaurant serving fine wines by the glass or at a cellar door tasting museum releases. Coravin’s industry-leading preservation technique has become a game changer with its no-waste system.

Coravin also enables wineries and wine stores to offer customised tasting opportunities to support bottle sales, and bars and restaurants now have the opportunity to serve a wider selection of fine wines by the glass. Wine lovers can taste three or four bottles in the same evening, without risking spoilage.

“In addition to being great news for individual wine fans and collectors, it’s truly revolutionary for restaurants and bars. This technology literally unlocks the wine cellar, enabling the industry to serve a much broader selection of fine wines by the glass, and encourage guests to try iconic wines they might not otherwise,” said Greg Lambrecht, inventor of the Coravin system. 

“Sommeliers can offer guests the opportunity to sample wines that would normally be off-limits due to cost, offering insights into some of the world’s greatest wine regions for a fraction of the price of a full bottle, and enabling venues to purchase rare bottles in smaller quantities – something that previously hasn’t made commercial sense,” he added.

With a user-friendly design based on a lightweight, durable body and soft-touch handles, Coravin is simple and comfortable to operate and has been a huge hit overseas with drinkers. The screwcap adaptation has arrived in Australia as its first destination outside the US.  

Coravin screwcap adaptors (above)

How Coravin Works for screwcaps in Australia

  • Choose a screwcap still wine
  • Remove and discard existing screwcap
  • Avoid pouring wine directly from the bottle
  • Immediately replace with Coravin Screw Cap
  • Push the hollow needle of the Coravin System through Coravin Screw Cap
  • Tilt as if the wine was being poured from an open bottle 
  • Press the trigger of the Coravin System to pressurise the bottle with inert argon gas
  • As the gas enters and pressurises the bottle, wine is forced up into the needle and into the glass via a pourer
  • After pouring, remove the needle, and the unique Coravin Screw Cap will re-seal to protect the wine from oxidation





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