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New alliance to better manage oxygen

Alternative wine closure experts, Nomacorc, have announced for the formation of an alliance with PreSens Precision Sensing, manufacturer of optical chemical sensors. Nomacorc will manage oxygen measurement equipment developed by PreSens for use in the wine industry and the organisations will co-develop additional products.

The Wine Industry Journal will present the latest news about this equipment and optimal management of oxygen in wine bottling in its forthcoming January/February issue, as written by Vince O’Brien, manager – engineering, environment and advanced analytical technologies team, Australian Wine Research Institute, and Chris Colby, senior process engineer, Arup, along with invited co-author Mai Nygaard, business and brand development manager, Nomacorc.

The first equipment Nomacorc will offer to wineries, bottlers and research facilities is the PreSens Fibox series of analysers, which allow for non-invasive measurement of oxygen concentration during the bottling process and other winemaking stages. The equipment uses proprietary photo-luminescent technology with small sensors that can be used under most bottling conditions. These sensors respond accurately to differing levels of oxygen concentrations and can be used to measure both dissolved oxygen and headspace oxygen in the bottle.

For further information visit www.nomacorc.com

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