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Granite Belt Winery Visitor Spending Ranks in National Top Three

Visitors to the Queensland wine capital spent on average $41.27 per head in the 2008 calendar year. This puts the Granite Belt just behind the $41.70/head spent at Tasmanian cellar doors last year. In Macedon/Sunbury region in Victoria the 2008 figure was $43.85/head.

With 550 hectares under vine, the Granite Belt produces more than half of all of Queensland’s wine grapes and the state’s most awarded wines.

From the data available from Cellar Door Metrics for 2008, the average visitor to a Granite Belt cellar door bought 2.3 bottles of wine. This compares with 2.1 bottles per visitor in Macedon/Sunbury and 1.5 bottles per visitor in Tasmania.

The figures are extracted from CellarDoorMETRICS, Australia’s only source of accurate wine tourism financial benchmarking data http://www.cellardoormetrics.com.au/

Granite Belt Wine & Tourism’s chair of wine, Leeanne Gangemi provided an insight into the 2009 figures: “Across the sunshine state, cellar door sales achieved 42.8% of all Queensland wine sold (2007), but because of its popularity as a tourist destination, on the Granite Belt approximately 80% of our wine sales are through cellar doors.”

Conditions on the Granite Belt look good for vintage with harvesting of white grapes set to begin in the next fortnight. Veraison is well underway on the red grapes. In 2008 the region produced 72% of all Queensland red wine grapes and 68% of the state’s white wine grapes.

Typically vintage on the Granite Belt runs through until late April, making it an interesting time to visit the Queensland wine capital.

To learn more visit www.granitebeltwinecountry.com.au or phone 1800 SO COOL or (07) 4681 2057.

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