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Wine File software system recently upgraded

Press Release – 9 January 2009

Recent Wine File software system upgraded with increased traceability and auditing capabilities.

Traceability and the audit ability of winery records have emerged as a key requirement in recordkeeping software for wineries. The recently released version 3.7 of Wine File Winery Manager software from TallShips Solutions builds on the program’s existing capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution to these requirements.

Improved functionality means that in a matter of seconds the complete operational history for a wine can be reviewed. The operational data are complemented by additive history analysis across blending operations. Further, the operational history are complemented by improved functionality enabling winemakers to review a winery’s status at any point in time.

New barrel handling functionality allows wineries to accurately record the exact location of every barrel so they can be quickly located when necessary. Individual barrel stores can be viewed and the location of barrels, for a particular batch of wine, can be established.

These enhancements, combined with over 50 other minor enhancements within the software, make Wine File Winery Manager version 3.7 a comprehensive solution to a winery's record keeping requirements, regardless of winery size.

For more information contact: Mr Peter Huish TallShips Solutions Pty Ltd Tel: (02) 9807 6077 Email: www.tallships.com.au

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