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Nick James-Martin joins d’Arenberg as winemaker and brand ambassador

Nick is currently undertaking a Master of Oenology at the University of Adelaide, having completed a Graduate Diploma in 2006, Wine Marketing degree in 2004 and vintages in France and New Zealand.

Prior to pursuing a winemaking career Nick held a number of wine related positions including marketing manager at Reschke Wines, event manager of the International Wine Challenge in London as well as working on the family vineyards in the Riverland and McLaren Vale.

Nick joins the winemaking team at d’Arenberg, lead by chief winemaker and viticulturist Chester Osborn, and will assist the Osborn family in the promotion of d’Arenberg worldwide.

“With over 60 countries stocking d’Arenberg wines it is becoming increasingly difficult for Chester and his father d’Arry to maintain an ongoing personal prescence in all markets,” Nick said. “Similar to the traditional winemaking philosophies employed at d’Arenberg, we feel that there is no substitute for meeting our customers face to face.”

Nick will be hands on during vintage and involved in the blending process, but will spend a large amount of his time hosting d’Arenberg dinners and meeting key customers in domestic and international markets. Chester maintains his extensive travel regime with Nick, taking the international travel load from Managing Director d’Arry Osborn.

“d’Arry has just turned 82 and while he still travels a lot domestically, I think he would rather be out fishing for whiting than waiting in airports,” Nick said.

The ‘d’Arenberg dinners’ which often involve plenty of humour, costumes and props have helped the d’Arenberg brand become a cult classic in the USA and Canada. Despite tough economic conditions these dinners will remain an integral part of the d’Arenberg way of doing things.

“It is even more imperative for us to maintain our travel and try and do as many lunches and dinners as possible,” Chester said. “Sharing the d’Arenberg story and having a laugh over a bottle of wine will always be a very important part of how we do business – and you just can’t do that over e-mail or phone."

“We are very pleased to have Nick on board and we look forward to him spreading the d’Arenberg word overseas and here in Australia.”

For more information please contact: Nick James-Martin 08 8329 4870 0438 284 561

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