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7th ENOVITIS International Vine and Olive Growing Technics Exhibition.

Although the current worldwide economic situation is surely delicate and difficult, the performances of vineyard machines and equipment keep high the quality of our Made in Italy all over the world.

According to the last available update by Istat (January-September 2008), the export of some farm machines used in vineyards is not very different from the trends of the last few years, which substantially highlighted a progressive value growth. In the first nine months of 2008, indeed the exports concerning these items exceeded the quota of 1 billion euro achieving a +22% versus the same period of 2007.

In particular, the sector of wheeled tractors with power between 59 and 75 kW, including also the quota for vineyards, showed strong trade liveliness. The export advanced over 70% in the first nine months of 2008, in comparison with the same period of 2007, for an amount of more than 652 million euro, thus exceeding the total quota of the whole years 2006 and 2007 (453 and 534 million euro respectively).

Less brilliant results were reported by the tractors with power between 37 and 59 kW, which, even if representing a value quota of 335 million euro in September, have been decreasing since 2006.

Good performances were registered also in the field of spraying machines and atomizers, drawn or self-moving, (28 million euro and +24% versus January-September 2007); an exploit was recorded with regard to grape harvesters that, in the first nine months of 2008, largely recovered the losses of 2006 and 2007 (924,000 euro and 276,000 euro), returning in line with the values of the previous years (1.7 million euro in September 2008, 1.6 million in 2005).

Therefore, we are experiencing a trade context which looks positive for 2009 and that is creating interesting conditions for the seventh edition of ENOVITIS, International Vine and Olive Growing Technics Exhibition that will take place from 24 to 28 November 2009 in Pavilion 9 of Fiera Milano – Exhibition complex in Rho (Milan) – in coincidence with the 23rd edition of SIMEI, the International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition. . ENOVITIS will be a strategic moment for the international vine- and olive-growing chains (over 9,000 foreign visitors in the last edition of SIMEI-ENOVITIS) to have a closer look at all the innovations of this productive sector and to keep up to date about the technological evolution in progress.

On the other hand, 2009 will be an important and crucial year for wine-growers who will have to face the measures included in the new Ocm (CMO) Wine Reform, approved in 2008. If for a liberalization of surfaces and production we will have to wait until December 2015, the measures of adaptation to the new situation can be immediately applied, which will allow the wine-growers to take part in removal programmes and in restructuring and reconversion programmes.

And if, on one hand a reduction of vine-planted surfaces will be inevitable, (a situation that is emerging also at world level, as mentioned in the economic outlook report of Oiv, dated October 2008), on the other hand, a great occasion is offered to relaunch the competitiveness of the sector, with appropriate plans of restructuring and reconversion, which will be accompanied with a consequent modernization of specialized technological machines and equipment.

SIMEI and ENOVITIS will thus make up a complete route from the vineyard to the cellar, without leaving out olive and oil, after the excellent results achieved in 2007, with the introduction at ENOVITIS of an exhibition area dedicated to olive and to the equipment necessary for its cultivation.

According to a recent report by Ismea regarding olive oil, in the last period new countries are emerging in the market, in particular in the Southern hemisphere, first of all Argentina, whose pedo-climatic conditions are very similar to those of the Mediterranean area. Nevertheless, the Mediterranean countries are currently playing a leading role. Tunisia (180,000 tons in 2007), Turkey (160,000 tons), Syria (100,000 tons) – at the fourth, fifth and sixth position in the world ranking for production, after Spain, Italy and Greece — are expected to have growing productions in 2008.

These countries have been committed for a long time to improving their own productions, by investments with regard to oil presses, as well as to cultivations, with new cultivars and planting densities suitable for mechanization.

ENOVITIS will not only be an exhibition showcase. Dedicated moments of in-depth examination will be proposed even in this edition, with a conference on vine-growing and another one on olive-growing and oil.

In addition, other moments will be reserved to relaxation and conviviality in the Wine bar and in the Oil Bar organized by Onav Lombardia and by Onao, where exhibitors and visitors will be able to taste high-quality Italian wines and oils. Especially addressed to foreign visitors, this initiative has the object to further consolidate the promotion of Italian wine and oil abroad.

Also for this edition, on the web site www.enovitis.it, the pre-registration system will be available for all visitors, enabling to reduce waiting times for collecting the entrance card.

ENOVITIS: The figures of the 2007 edition.

Exhibitors: 154 Visitors: 20,426 (5,039 from abroad)

Exhibition surface: 13,000 gross sq m

For information: ENOVITIS Via S. Vittore al Teatro n. 3–20123 Milano Phone 0039/02/7222281 Fax 0039/02/866575 E-mail: Internet: www.enovitis.it

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