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Water trade price report

Waterfind’s monthly trade report has revealed that water was traded throughout December for between $300 and $350 per ML. Trades continue to be completed within this price range so far this January. A total volume of 134 gigalitres (GL) of temporary water was transferred.

Waterfind CEO Tom Rooney says “In contrast to last season, the past 6 months of water trading has been comparatively stable which has provided growers with a less volatile water market to operate in.”

On January 2 increases to the Victorian Murray (33%) and Goulburn (28%) systems made available an additional 103 GL of water. The total amount of water now available in the southern MDB is 1,541 GL.

Announcements are anticipated for New South Wales and South Australian allocations on January 15, at which time advice on carry-over policies may also be forthcoming.

Download the Waterfind December Water Market Report – www.waterfind.com.au/docs/waterreport.pdf

*Southern Murray-Darling includes NSW Murray, Murrumbidgee and Lower Darling, northern Victorian Murray connected systems and SA Murray.

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