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Distribution in NSW and Victoria

Frustrated by inadequate attention to your brand in the NSW and Victoria markets? We are seeking a third partner to join us.


Sales demographs today require the flexibility to trade with major retailers whilst maintaining the core presence in the on premise and independent markets. A juggling act at best, especially with third party distributors who are torn between self-preservation and appeasement of an epic sized volume of suppliers.

To meet the critical mass and needs to sell premium quality products the logistics and hand on heart representation requires direct control of distribution. Our goal is to ensure the population of these markets are exposed to our products and the resellers to the business opportunities and sharing the ensuing profits.

Together we are two well-established and privately owned premium wineries with plans to grow sales in the Australian market to a combined 75,000 cases per annum with wholesale price points well above $120 per dozen post discounts and pre-tax. We are experienced in servicing on premise, independents and majors whilst maintaining control of our trading terms, direction and destination, and are now preparing to enter the NSW and Victorian markets with a similar program.

Modelling suggest this can be achieved at a moderate pace but with three likeminded producers who actively trade through all channels results will accelerate through. We are seeking the third winery who is willing to be part of a JV in these markets to share the load, take equal responsibility, be prepared to have skin in the game and enjoy the spoils. Most importantly the model offers independence to trade with all retail influencers on a level playing field.

In the strictest of confidence we would share our research, plans, modelling and results that drives us.

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