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Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan

By Camellia Aebischer

Warren Randall will be flying to China on May 12 to attend the opening of Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan in Henan province on May 13. The chateau will be the first of its kind as a partnership between an Australian and Chinese company.


Pictured: A nearly complete venue

The plan for the chateau has been in the works for a few years, and all began when Randall started seeking business opportunities in China. “The last figures I saw from the Commonwealth government was that China had about 54billion dollars invested in Australia and Australia has about 48billion invested in China,” he says.

“That figure it quite shocked me so I thought, ‘why don’t I invest?’

“That gained me a tremendous amount of respect from the Chinese. It strengthened our relationship which led to the opportunity to own part of the chateau.”

Randall was invited to become a part owner, and of course accepted the offer. After plenty of logistics, Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan will be the new home of wines from both Seppeltsfield Wines Pty Ltd and Minquan Jiuding Wine Company Ltd.

The winery will ease logistics and provide a location for Seppeltsfield to ship bulk wine and bottle onsite at the chateau.

When asked if Randall had seen change in export sales during the unfolding of this project, he commented that volume had “significantly increased.”

To find out more about the opening of Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan and how the partnership is a “turning point” for two way Australia-China business relations, keep an eye out for the May edition of Grapegrower & Winemaker Magazine.





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