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18th annual Salary & Benefits survey


The South Australian Wine Industry Association is undertaking the 18th annual Wine Industry Salary & Benefits Survey following the success of each of the yearly surveys conducted since 2000. The survey reports salary data on a national and state basis.

It is now acknowledged that this survey continues to provide valuable factual information about the wine industry’s salary and benefits practices and trends. Salary data, reported as at 30 April 2017, is dissected to indicate the average, medium, lower and upper quartile values for each position surveyed.

In the 2017 ‘wine industry’ survey, 57 positions will be surveyed, covering positions in occupational groupings involved in winemaking, viticulture, warehouse, sales, accounting, marketing, human resources and administration — typically those positions not covered by any industrial award regulation.

General company data along with specific salary information for positions surveyed will need to be submitted by completing an excel spreadsheet — all information needed to complete the survey, i.e. the general questionnaire; salary data input; and user instructions, are contained within the one excel spreadsheet.

This year the survey will continue its inclusion of small company (based on a remuneration threshold which will be determined once an adequate data sample can be taken from the results provided) positions relevant to that size enterprise. It is anticipated we will be able to report on those current positions within the salary survey that are reflective of the smaller company.

Companies may be able to provide data for all of these identified positions or only a selection. Job titles must be matched to a position description before submitting data to ensure the information enables a ‘like with like’ comparison.

In addition to job salary information, the survey covers matters such as how pay is reviewed, when it is reviewed, salary movement percentages (actual and forecast), pay policy and practices, superannuation benefits, employer provided car practices, ‘at risk’ incentive payments and share schemes.

Survey data is confidential and will be received and tabulated by South Australian Wine Industry Association staff. A company’s individual information is coded and will not be disclosed other than in the published collective format. In the event that low numbers are returned for any job, data will not be published if it compromises confidentiality.

Cost to purchase the survey

Survey participation is voluntary, however should participants wish to purchase a copy of the survey report, a discounted rate will be available to you. The cost for one copy of the 2017 survey will be $605 if you are a financial member of your state wine industry association or $930 if you are not a member of your state wine industry association.

If you only wish to receive the survey report you can order now to reserve your copy by completing the 2017 Wine Industry Salary & Benefits Report Order Form.

Non-contributors in the wine industry can purchase the complete report or purchase the results for nominated positions. Prices are detailed on the Order Form. The cost of purchasing the survey continues to provide excellent value when compared to other similar surveys.

Survey documentation and position descriptions will be available from 19 April 2017.

Results reported will be a ‘snap shot’ of information applying as at 30 April 2017. The survey must be returned by Tuesday 9 May 2017 if you wish your company’s data to be included.

The survey report will be available by Thursday 8 June 2017.

Questions, contact and registration of interest

South Australian Wine Industry Association’s preference is for distribution of all documentation via email to minimise the cost to industry and reduce our carbon footprint. Please nominate the contact name within your company so that all correspondence can be forwarded to your nominated representative.

If you wish to participate or would like to ask questions, please speak with Egon Schwidder, email or phone (08) 8222 9273.


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