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Aqua Control appoints Toro Australia as its distributor

Combining both beauty and practicality Aqua Control aerated water features and fountains are now available nationally through Toro.

Aqua Control Inc. (ACI) was founded in Illinois, USA in 1970.

Over time the company has developed products that produce a variety of beautiful spray patterns but more importantly they provide a water quality management system.

As a result of the development of the Titan Series, ACI has the most extensive product line in the industry. ACI has the widest range of horsepower, 1/2 to 40 HP in standard products, custom products over 40 HP, and more than 30 spray patterns.

The Aqua Control Titan Series uses heavy duty 6” stainless steel submersible motors with silicone carbide mechanical seals. The suction screens are stainless steel. All piping is pressure rated PVC and is engineered to produce minimum losses and turbulence so that the highest pumping rates can be produced.

Toro/ACI provide a 3-year warranty on the entire system, including the control panel which provides motor control with multiple safety features. The control panel also standardly operates up to 2 sets of lights (2000 watts maximum per set, 4000 watts total) and can optionally control up to 10,000 watts.

All standard ACI Titan products have a 3-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship when used under normal operating conditions.

Tim Maguire of Toro Australia said that the beautification aspect was a major consideration when placing Aqua Control products in shopping centre’s, golf courses, housing developments or any scenic waterway. The effect, particularly at night, where the water pattern combined with the incorporated lighting is absolutely striking. It adds an amazing style and presence to what would otherwise be a pond or a plain expanse of water.

Tim went on to say ”with decreased flows of water in most areas of Australia many of our streams, lakes and rivers have become stagnant and in many cases either have, or are in danger of developing, poisonous algaes. Many picturesque waterways, such as the Torrens in SA, risk becoming algae ridden sludge ponds which pose a risk to human and animal health. Properly and strategically placed aerators can considerably ease or eliminate this problem”.

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