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Across Victoria local residents protest Government’s 5% climate target

Lindsay Tanner, Martin Ferguson, Nicola Roxon and Kelvin Thomson will all feel the heat today from their constituents over the 5% emissions reduction target announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday.

At 10am, ‘climate emergency services’ workers’ will sandbag each of the four electoral offices against the dangers of rising sea levels.

‘A 5% target locks Australia into runaway climate change. This target will not stop drought, it will not save the Great Barrier Reef, and it will not prevent ice melting and the sea rising,’ says Victorian spokesperson Damien Lawson.

“This is an emergency and the Government must act within this term. Our carbon emissions must peak in the next year and then continuously decrease if we are to have any hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

‘A 5 per cent target says to the world: Australia is not a prepared to do its fair share, let alone be a global leader on climate change. It also says Australia is not prepared to take responsibility for our historic emissions.’

The current climate science calls for real reduction targets of 40–50% and the government should be looking at Al Gore's call for 100% renewable energy by 2020. Such targets are not only viable, they are the only targets which realistically respond to the most up-to-date climate science.’ said Lawson

The Melbourne protests are part of a nationwide step-ins with residents bringing climate change concerns to their local members over the next two days. With sit-ins and protests planned for many Mps including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, and Environment Minister Peter Garrett.

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