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The New South Wales Wine Industry Association (NSWWIA) announces the retirement of Stuart McGrath- Kerr as the Executive Officer of the NSWWIA and welcomes Angus Barnes as the Acting Executive Officer.

Stuart McGrath-Kerr will retire from his role as EO at the end of the month (30th April 2017). Stuart started in this role in 1997, just a few years after the NSWWIA was formed, and has seen great change and growth in the wine industry in NSW. Stuart regards some of the highlights of his time in the role as the creation of the NSW Wine brand and “the work done through the NSW Wine Awards, along with Sydney Cellar Door, to raise the profile of NSW Wine — a task far from complete,” says Stuart.

“I would like to acknowledge the great contribution made to the Association by many who served on the Committee including past presidents Chris Barnes AM, David Lowe and more recently Tom Ward, and I thank them all for their support. I wish the Association every success in its future endeavours.”

Tom Ward, President of the NSWWIA thanks Stuart for his many years of service to the NSW wine industry.

“Stuart has been a focal point for NSW wine and has played a vastly important role in making sure that the interests of NSW wine are fostered both locally and nationally,” suggests Tom. “I would particularly like to thank Stuart, and his wife Noni, for the role they have played in making the NSW Wine Awards an important and successful part of the NSW wine calendar. I wish Stuart and Noni all the best for the future and hope that they continue to drink the great wines of NSW once they move to Tasmania.”

Tom goes on to say that he is delighted to announce that Angus Barnes has accepted the role of Acting EO of the NSWWIA, effective 1st of April. This role is a temporary role and will assist in the transition of the NSWWIA. Angus Barnes has a long and distinguished wine career starting from his childhood in the vineyards in the Hunter Valley. He has most recently held senior global roles with Pernod Ricard Winemakers. Angus is well known to the NSWWIA as he is currently the Vice President in charge of Government Relations (a role that he will step down from in order to take up the Acting EO position). Angus is also the current national chair of the Wine Communicators of Australia as well as a past graduate of the wine industry future leaders program.

Over the next few months, there are a number of key activities that Angus and the executive will focus on. They include:

  • the launch and implementation of NSW Government and industry joint strategy 2028 (being finalised)
  • an independent review of the NSWWIA in order to ensure that we are providing for our members
  • the agreement and implementation of the federal government’s Export and Regional Wine Support Package, making sure that NSW is represented strongly in these outcomes

Tom goes on to say that he is excited by the future opportunities for the wine sector in NSW. “I appreciate Stuart’s years of dedicated service and I also look forward to the next period working with Angus and the NSWWIA executive.” 

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