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Looking to distribute quality NZ wines?

North Canterbury (New Zealand) organic winegrower seeks Australian distributor(s)

Waipara Valley, North Canterbury artisan organic winegrower Fancrest Estate is looking for a long term relationship with Australian distributor(s)

Fancrest Estate, developed from arid sheep farmland by owners Ian & Di Holding in 2003, is a very special vineyard. It's located in the Waipara Valley's "golden mile"… a stretch of limestone rich hillsides that are steadily building a reputation for some of the best Pinot Noirs outside Burgundy. Di is hands on, running both the winegrowing and winemaking. Both sides of the enterprise are registered organic by BioGro NZ (#5124).

The only variety planted on the Estate is Pinot Noir and no outside grapes are brought in.

These are handmade wines made in very small quantities. Vine yields in the limestone are naturally very low. Growing grapes on the steep hillside precludes any significant mechanisation anyway, so the majority of vineyard tasks are labour intensive. Except for huge tasks like harvest, Di and Ian do the majority of work themselves. Our tiny pop-up winery relies heavily on traditional winemaking techniques and wine additions are almost non-existent. This is high risk winemaking requiring an exceptional understanding of the science of winegrowing and winemaking. Di is a Charles Sturt (Wagga) graduate.

We pride ourselves in expressing the season and our vineyard every vintage. That means no two vintages are completely alike. Yet underpinning them all is an identifiable character that is unmistakably "Fancrest". These are wines that are structured to age and are best enjoyed with 5–8 years bottle age. We cellar our wines prior to release for this reason.

Fancrest Estate is looking to partner with a distributor or distributors in Victoria and New South Wales. We would prefer to engage with distributors who have a track record working with smaller quality producers and particularly those who value the organic ethos. A pinotphile in the mix wouldn't go amiss.

Call Diane Holding on +64–3-3146010 or Skype fancrest or email ">d

Check us out at www.fancrest.com





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