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d’Arenberg will launch Mencia with an online event

Across more than 100 years, and with more than 70 wines wearing the red stripe, d’Arenberg has dared to be different. Their latest release adds another new variety to the winery list – Mencia.

Mencía (pronounced 'Men-thee-ah') is a medium-bodied red wine grape from the north-west of Spain where it produces wines with floral and red fruit flavours.

Not afraid of a giving the wines tongue-twisting titles, d’Arenberg has labelled it’s Mencia as ‘The Anthropocene Epoch’. The name of this wine originates from the declaration of a new geological time, the ‘Anthropocene Epoch’, which is a result of humanity’s overwhelming impact on the planet. Starting from 1950, this new age is defined by nuclear tests, plastic pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

While not the first McLaren Vale producer to release a Mencia, d'Arenberg are the first recorded Australian winery to export wine made from the grape variety.

This will also be the the first wine in the d’Arenberg range to be released with a label reference to the its biodynamic and organic grapegrowing practices. Harmony between environmental sustainability and wine industry practice is a strong commitment upheld by the company, with all d'Arenberg estate and leased vineyards NASAA Certified for organic and biodynamic processes.

Chief Winemaker, Chester Osborn, said: “In everything we do, we try to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. We invest in many projects with environmental benefits, like solar power, a comprehensive recycling program, and more. And in terms of biodynamically grown vines, we’re proud to be the biggest grower in Australia.”

In yet another ‘first’ the official launch of this wine will be broadcast as a live event with the winemaker, where people will be encouraged to pre-purchase a bottle and join the tasting online. The winery will broadcast a live tasting with Osborn, who is eager to spread the word about the new Mencia. The interactive tasting will be broadcast online at 7pm ACDT on Thursday 23 March, via the winery’s Facebook page. During the tasting, viewers are encouraged to write comments, and share their experiences across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #mytasting.

The Anthropocene Epoch Mencia 2016 retails at $29, and can be purchased from the d’Arenberg website.

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