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Educating Asia’s palette – Angove Family Winemakers

Thousands of hospitality workers throughout Asia will soon become knowledgeable wine pundits thanks to Angove Family Winemakers’ newest export to the region – a comprehensive wine master class.

This follows burgeoning Angove sales throughout Asia, which is one of the world’s fastest growing wine economies and which is rapidly developing a taste for South Australian wines.

The master class has been developed by Angove’s Regional Export Manager, Mr Nick Yap, and covers the fundamentals of winemaking, tasting, wine regions, blends, labelling and food matching.

“A new generation of wine enthusiasts are emerging in Asia with a definite taste for Angove products,” Angove Family Winemakers Managing Director, John Angove, said. “To support this growth, we recognised the need to educate hospitality workers in the region who can help new wine drinkers fully appreciate the history and flavours of our products.

“This is especially important given that Asia is a relatively recent convert to the wine industry having traditionally been a spirit-drinking region.”

Angove Family Winemakers currently exports to more than 15 countries across Asia, including China, India and Japan and is experiencing solid growth throughout the region.

Mr Angove said the master class would form an integral part of Angove’s marketing activity in Asia and could be tailored to cater for local sommeliers, wine educators and wine writers who require more intricate knowledge of the South Australian wine industry and Angove products.

“In effect, we are offering our services to mentor the Asian hospitality industry in the fundamentals of wine appreciation,” he said. “We have already run successful master classes in the Philippines, Colombo and Kuala Lumpur and we offer separate events and tutorials that focus specifically on our flagship red wines.”

“China in particular is emerging as a very strong market for Angove and we are keen to cover all our bases in the region to ensure Asia has a well-educated wine palate.”

Angove Family Winemakers is a Renmark-based, 5th generation family-owned and operated company. The 122-year-old company, named Quaff 2008 — Winery of the Year, recently changed its name to Angove Family Winemakers, having previously been known as Angove’s. It has operations across Australia and exports to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Angove Family Winemakers Master Class Key topics covered: • South Australian wine regions and wine varieties • Wine tasting • Food and wine matching • Understanding wine labels • The fundamentals of winemaking

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