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First ‘node’ for the AWRI established in Tasmania

On Monday, 17 November 2008, Dr Bob Dambergs, Senior Research Scientist with the AWRI, commenced research work in Tasmania as part of the AWRI’s first ‘node’, based at the Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research.

The AWRI’s business plan (established in 2005) outlined the opportunities for the wine sector through the AWRI creating even closer working relationships with regional grapegrowers and producers. Specifically, a need for regional ‘nodes’ was identified to complement the AWRI’s well recognised roadshow program. Since then, the AWRI has been liaising with state-based grape and wine associations to identify opportunities for fostering regional R&D, technology transfer, and extension activities through collaborative ‘nodes’.

To develop their Tasmanian node, The Australian Wine Research Institute joined a submission to AusIndustry funding for $0.9 m from the Industry Cooperative Innovation Program. This application was submitted by a Tasmanian-based consortium, headed by Wine Industry Tasmania with Dr Richard Smart as project coordinator, and included the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research, Tamar Ridge Estates, Croplands Pty Ltd and Flextank Pty Ltd.

The grant application was successful and will fund research programs to support Pinor Noir and sparkling wine production.

From November 2008, the AWRI will have established its first ‘node’ location with the move of Dr Bob Dambergs, our inaugural Node Research Scientist, from our base in Adelaide to Tasmania.

Initially, Bob will focus on the study of Pinot Noir vinification methods, with a view to maximising quality, while increasing efficiency. In addition, Bob will also provide input to projects relating to sparkling wine production and maximising grape quality in the vineyard. These projects have very practical outcomes and aim to benefit Tasmanian grapegrowers and winemakers by providing guidelines to enhance grape and wine quality for production of sparkling wines and Pinot Noir table wines, two icon styles for Tasmania.

For further information contact Dr Bob Dambergs; email: or by telephone 03 6226 6277.

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