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All Saints releases rarest Muscat

All Saints Estate is pleased to announce the first ever release of its rarest Museum Muscat.

Winemaker, Dan Crane, has delved into some of the world’s most precious Muscat stocks to create an unrivalled Museum release of just 500 bottles worldwide. This extraordinary wine represents the pinnacle of fortified winemaking and Australia’s own contribution to the world of fine wine. Just 100 bottles are available in Australia with the remainder destined for the US and Asia.

Revered by connoisseurs and pleasure-seekers alike, Liqueur Muscat is classified by age to mark its dazzling progression in richness and intensity with each passing year. First blended in 1920, when All Saints was one of the largest wineries in the southern hemisphere, generations of owners have been the proud custodians of this rare and coveted wine ever since.

Inside the Estate’s great halls lie rows of barrels slowly ageing Muscat. The wines are warmed during the long summers and cooled in the frosty winters, driving the maturation process and ensuring that terroir plays a starring role in the creation of this Rutherglen masterpiece. Not only do the sun, soil and grape have influence, but the ancient casks and the very buildings themselves, all have a role in crafting the final wine. There is no greater ‘sense of place’ in winemaking; this wine could only come from here. Steeped in Australian pioneering history and artisan toil, it is the rarest of the rare.

Made from Muscat à Petit Grains Rouge, fruit is picked ultra-ripe then fortified with grape spirit and matured for many decades. This extremely rare blend is like treacle, with hints of olive and honeycomb. The aroma is intense and lifted showing characters of raisined fruit, spice and candied peel. The palate is unctuous and mouthfilling, concentrated and rich, with a hallmark clean and impossibly long finish. Aged patiently before bottling, it is now ready to mark the grandest of occasions.

While the wine itself may be timeless, its package is all about modern luxury. The decadent drop is enrobed in hand-cut Italian glass, a gold label complete with 1920’s design cues, and a custom gold plated pewter pourer from the house of Royal Selangor. Each bottle is hand assembled and individually numbered, containing a gold-etched scroll tracing the wine’s extravagant journey from vineyard to bottle. Set to retail at $1000, it will delight the wine lover who has everything.

“We are really excited about this monumental release,” says All Saints owner and CEO, Eliza Brown. “This is how rare fortified wines should be treated. Like very special gems.”

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